[ASW] Beastars - S02E09 (21) [1080p HEVC x265 10Bit][AAC]

2021-03-08 01:58 UTC
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| Source | Video| Audio | Subtitles | | :-----------: |:---------:| :--------:| :--------:| | ```PAS``` | ```1920x1080 HEVC``` | ```Japanese (A_AAC)``` | ```English English``` | ### Main account with blu-ray encodes: [HERE](https://nyaa.si/user/AkihitoSenpai) ### Join our discord server: [HERE](https://discord.gg/6XnYdWP)   Screenshots from the ```actual ASW``` encode: ![Screenshot](https://i.ibb.co/c3WMH3n/ASW-Beastars-S02-E09-21-1080p-HEVC-547.webp)  ![Screenshot](https://i.ibb.co/4VtvKT8/ASW-Beastars-S02-E09-21-1080p-HEVC-958.webp)

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  • [ASW] Beastars - S02E09 (21) [1080p HEVC].mkv (375.5 MiB)
I am very disappointed in you. You had deliberately ignored the comments about a wrongly timed subs and still no v2, i posted the fixed part, uploaded the corrected sub here, but from your site came nothing else than ignorance. Not a single answer neither here or your own website. [ASW] Vlad Love - S01E01 [1080p HEVC].mkv have a serious timing issue with subs and you just ignored. Yoou were the first to release this show, do you are not ashamed to provide shit, without checking it? I have no more question.....I am just sad and disappointed. It seems not to choose your releases are the best i can do
@martinxk Our site? We don't have a site. We release v2 when we release batch. We cannot check all and every weekly release because there is so many of them and we are doing this in our free time and spend our own money on this. If you want, you can check our releases when they come out, every single one of them. Unfeasible? Yeah, I think so too. Same thing with comments, there is no notification system on nyaa, so it's best if you can let us know on our discord. We cannot check every nyaa release for new comments.