Time Paradox Ghostwriter (2021) (Digital) (1r0n)

2021-07-26 18:31 UTC
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Hey guys, its me, 1r0nL3gacy45, aka 1r0n! I will be uploading the Volumes 1-2 of Time Paradox Ghostwriter! You can come visit our server in the discord link above. **x2250 native rip, spreads joined and aligned nicely (no redrawing necessary here as well, so it was painless) and pages de-noised. Unedited (U) releases linked as well for ppl who want a smaller release** ***PLEASE SEED*** Time Paradox Ghostwriter v01 (2021) (Digital) (1r0n) (U).cbz https://www102.zippyshare.com/v/FX7OoKK0/file.html Time Paradox Ghostwriter v02 (2021) (Digital) (1r0n) (U).cbz https://www102.zippyshare.com/v/Ida4XQBn/file.html ![logo](https://files.catbox.moe/e8pg4q.jpg "Volume 01")

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Thanks! Can I request princess resurrection nightmare volume 6? Also please upload princess resurrection full series if you can please
danke already uploaded this. And without an annoying description to boot. Literally no reason to get this.
@Hermandshot are you new here? cause no one gives a fk if someone uploaded the same thing. it's just the matter of preference. plus, he bought it he just wanted to share it.
No, @Hermandshot does have a point, there is little to no reason to upload a manga after one of the top uploaders already did it.
@DeepNyan ok?? even top uploaders sometimes upload the same thing. there's no rule here that you can't upload the same thing. heck, if you put it that way it's like you're saying there's no reason for other uploader to upload the same anime just cause the "top uploader" already uploaded it. sheesh
@mine1400 What would be more useful, having 2 uploads for the same series without significant differences or getting a series that hasn't been done yet (like 1r0n's Ranma ½ upload)?
\>he bought it he just wanted to share it. And wasted his time & money by doing so since danke already ripped it lmao I’d rather get danke’s rip than the rip of some tryhard loser that has an Xbox gamertag as his username. Ruins the folder/file names.
@DeepNyan can't believe you just said that lmao. just download what you prefer and ignore the other upload if you don't prefer it, easy. he doesn't work for you. he can upload whatever he wants. @Hermandshot unlike you, he supported it by buying it. don't know what your problem is. it's not like your money was used. they have the same name just different tags LOL tf u smokin
"can’t believe you just said that" ??? I asked a question, you're acting like I insulted someone. "unlike you, he supported it by buying it" Okay, then you should also stop using this site and go buy shit yourself.

tsuna69 (uploader)

@Hermandshot, i generally don't comment on my rips because, why would I, but this time I had to. >Literally no reason to get this. okay no worries, get danke's rip. No one forced you to download my rip. I uploaded mine because I have a different cleaning method to danke's and I also link smaller and lighter releases for those who don't have a ton of disk space. >Ruins the folder/file names. I literally follow the exact same folder naming methods as the other rippers. I don't know where you got that idea that i ruin my file names. >I’d rather get danke’s rip than the rip of some tryhard loser that has an Xbox gamertag as his username. I'd rather be a tryhard and lose than be a loser who can type shit on other's contributions without doing shit for the manga community except bitch about it.
@DeepNyan but you did tho. you sounded like he works for the people on this site. just by saying this "what would be more useful" "or getting a series that hasn’t been done yet". I think you should be the one to stop using this site cause ya'll are the ones acting like people can't upload the same thing just cause someone uploaded it first. I do buy my shit myself (paperback) then download digital here as a backup. been using this site since forever, so nah.
Here's my 10 cents: I see two versions of the same manga. I question why there are 2 version. Is there something wrong with the first one? If not, why the second upload? Is there a difference between the version? Which one should I get? Basically 2 version cause confusion. Props to tsuna69 for uploading, but in this case I have to side with Hermandshot and DeepNyan: this upload feels useless.
Have you considered that the uploaders might not have weekly discussions about their future releases? They both released this today and I'm guessing that 1r0n didn't start working on it after danke's release. He bought it, edited it, he might as well share it even if someone did it before him. If he managed to upload it before danke, would you complain to danke? And even if you were right, that's no reason to be obnoxious with someone that is sharing. That's basic education, that some people forget with the anonymity of the internet.
Every time i think the nyaa comment section can't get stupider they splendidly exceed my expectations
awww look at these entitled consumers wasting air
Wild to see pirates complaining about free stuff.
Stop fkn complaining about other ppl’s releases, if ya prefer with danke’s releases, just go with it. He's free to do whatever he wants. At least 1r0n didn’t break rules What a fkn clown
People complaining about something they aren’t forced to download and is free 🤦🏼‍♂️
@Hermandshot @BakaTheThird stares at multiple re encodes on nyaa, so I wonder where the hell were you at that time.